My First Attempt At Cake Icing…

I tried piping a Christmas tree…

Think I need some practice before I play with the big boys.


About tasha in the kitchen

I'm a 20 year old Psychology student, in Scotland. I love food. In fact I'd go as far to say that I'm obsessed with it. Making food is incredibly therapeutic and satisfying. I can often be caught reading cookbooks before bed, or spending hours trawling food blogs. I want to share this passion and so here is my blog. Enjoy.
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5 Responses to My First Attempt At Cake Icing…

  1. Anastasia says:

    This is co cute! My first (and following) attempts with cake decoration are not picture worthy… Great job!

  2. heatherinsf says:

    Your tree looks good! When I was a kid my mom took a cake decorating class and we would sit at the kitchen table and practice piping designs onto plates or cookie trays. I still do this before decorating a cake, just to get my groove back. Now I want a cupcake!

  3. CorkAndSpoon says:

    Wow, look at all these posts! I knew we’d see more from you when the holidays hit 🙂 BTW, awesome first try with the cupcake. I’m still practicing, myself lol! ~Ruth

  4. Nicola King says:

    Well done for sharing your practice run! Look forward to seeing your next efforts. X

  5. Very good! Especially for a first try!

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