Food wasn’t always a passion of mine. When I was little I wanted to be popstar so most of my time was spent blaring away to 90s pop in my room. I sometimes made cakes from box mixes before moving on to making them from scratch. My main method was to throw everything together, bake it and cover it in runny green icing. I was only 9!

The first thing I learned to cook properly was Bolognese. This began my love affair with Lasagne which I still sometimes return to when I need an afternoon in the kitchen and a full plate of comfort food in the evening.

Then at secondary school the dreaded home economics almost killed my interest in cooking altogether. Everything I made seemed to be drab, boring and unappetising. I’ll spare you the details.

It wasn’t until I moved away from home and began university that food really began to interest me again. I had full reign over the shopping list and I had to come up with something every night. Apart from when it was Two for Tuesday of course!

The kitchen became my experimentation room and the place I went to get away from university work (perhaps not such a good thing!). I made all sorts from Bread and Samosas to Roast Chicken and lots of Lasagne, of course.

Last year I started to experiment more with recipes. I began to mix and match and adapt them to my tastes, as well as coming up with my own creations. I decided it was time to share my ideas and so this blog was born. I hope you enjoy it.

Bon appΓ©tit!


11 Responses to About

  1. Love your blog! (even though you haven’t posted in a while 😦 )

  2. Lucy says:

    Great to see such passion for food! I’ve always liked cooking, however like you, it was only after I moved away from home that I really began to fully appreciate it. You’ve got some really interesting posts and brilliant photography πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Tasha, thanks so much for passing on the awards, believe me, it’s greatly appreciated. It’s always so nice to meet fellow bloggers who share my passion for food. I will look forward to all your future recipes. Keep cooking!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my site and commenting…Your blog is cute…Your food looks like I want to eat it off the page…Thanks for blogging!!

  5. penji1 says:

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award (I didn’t know what is was either!) so go to my blog and check it out, http://www.pennysfoodblog.wordpress.com. πŸ™‚

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